Moving Whittier forward!


Yasmin has organized blanket drives, food drives, and hygiene kit drives for the past five years, to serve her community members in need.  


Yasmin believes in applying comprehensive resolutions to homelessness in Whittier. It is critical to be proactive on this issue by providing a culture of care and compassion but also one that is economically sound. Addressing the issue head-on through affordable housing and socioeconomic resources is cheaper in the long run than continually policing and relocating individuals experiencing homelessness. 

As a community, we cannot think of homelessness as an isolated issue but one that is connected to public safety, public health, and the overall wellbeing of the City. Our first responders are spending large amounts of time engaging with homeless individuals and encampments The time our police spend responding to homeless individuals that do not pose an immediate threat to public safety could be spent keeping our community safe and informed. We owe it to all residents of Whittier to think proactively about both long term and short term solutions.


Yasmin enjoys frequenting local businesses. She  believes in the importance of keeping sales tax revenue in the city. 


Yasmin is committed to being a champion for local business owners. District 3 has high amounts of turnover with businesses that open and close within the year.  She believes as a Council more can be done to support local business owners to ensure economic success for community members. Small business owners face so many challenges, the City Council shouldn’t be one of them. Yasmin plans to cut through red tape and eliminate some of the senseless fees on things as simple signage to advertise your business.


Yasmin has dedicated the past 6 years of her life in engaging parents and family members with campus life in higher ed institutions.  She plans to use her expertise in Whittier.


Ultimately Yasmin's priority is to insure that the community members of Whittier are heard and supported. She believes this can be accomplished by engaging the community in their local government by hosting accessible community events and town halls. Many of Whittier’s leaders have been in positions of power – whether they be elected office, boards, commissions, or task forces – for far too long. The median age in Whittier is 36, but most of the people making decisions for our city do not reflect that. We must continue to build the leadership pipeline and give everyone an opportunity to participate in shaping our future. This City is doing amazing work because of the community, it’s important that they have a seat at the table.